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Therapeutic | Relaxation | Pre-natal and Post-natal Massage | Kids Massage

For as long as Brandy can recall, massage has been an integral part of her life. Massage was a common means of bonding while growing up and this cultivated a deep respect for the form of touch as a mode of communication and as a healing art. Brandy is a recent graduate 2200 of the WE (Western / Eastern) massage program developed by the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and based out of Calgary. Brandy is also a graduate of the 4 year intensive acupuncture and herbal medicine program taught at the same institution. With her background in traditional Chinese Medicine, Brandy is an ideal compliment to strengthen any acupuncture protocol. Do not be surprised if on occasion, you are asked permission to take a diagnosis from the appearance of your tongue and from the feel of your pulse.

Depending on the individual needs of each client, a typical treatment can include general relaxation massage as well as incorporate techniques from different modalities such as deep tissue, therapeutic, tui na, thai massage, acupressure, cupping, gua sha, heat and essential oils. Many of these treatments are great for pre- and post-natal clients and children. Brandy is working towards acquiring a predominantly female focused skill set in order to master in an array of women’s issues. Her goal is to eventually specialize in the field of mental and emotional health. With the integrative belief that all components of the human are equally important as well as intricately connected, Brandy is a strong supporter that physical therapy can be used to attain wholeness on all levels.