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The Team

  • RMT Nav Mundi

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation | Hot Stone | Children's Massage | Myofascial Cupping Massage

    Nav is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of the 3000 hours in Advance Clinical Massage Therapy program from Makami College in Calgary, Alberta. She was qualified and worked as a Massage Therapist since 2011 before moving to Canada in 2013. Nav loves being a massage therapist! She is well trained in therapeutic massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, myofascial cupping massage and hot stone massage. She has a great awareness and deep respect for the human body and its ability to heal.
  • RMT Mitra Karam

    Mitra is a results driven, Registered Massage Therapist with additional training as a Medical Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician.

    She has a passion for learning and is always seeking out information, with her client's health in mind. Currently, Mitra is expanding her scope of expertise as she is enrolled in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture program.

    Mitra uses of a broad range of massage techniques including: active release , acupoints , deep tissue, fascia , Swedish, hot stone and cupping. This allows her to provide therapeutic benefits for a wide variety of conditions .

    With a background in human anatomy, physiology and pathology, she approaches each massage in a scientific manner assuring she understands each client’s personal needs.

  • RMT Kyle Mackenzie **Male Therapist**

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation | Hot Stone Massage | Myofascial Cupping

    Kyle is a 2200 hour Registered Massage Therapist who has been working in the massage industry since graduating from Mount Royal University's Massage Therapy Diploma program in the Spring of 2013. He has developed a strong focus in individualized client care to ensure each massage is geared towards the client's particular goals. Whether those massage goals include just wanting to relax or deep tissue and specific therapeutic work Kyle is passionate about the care he provides. Outside of the realm of relaxation Kyle has treated a variety of clients with both acute and chronic sport injuries, post-surgical biomechanical adaptations, and myofascial restriction. He is trained in traditional therapeutic and relaxation techniques, pre- and post-natal massage, hot stone massage, and myofascial cupping. Outside of working he enjoys studying to further his understanding of holistic human movement and the biomechanics of sports, personal fitness, nutrition, reading, and travelling.
  • RMT Brandy Martin **FEMALE CLIENTS ONLY**

    Therapeutic | Relaxation | Pre-natal and Post-natal Massage | Kids Massage

    For as long as Brandy can recall, massage has been an integral part of her life. Massage was a common means of bonding while growing up and this cultivated a deep respect for the form of touch as a mode of communication and as a healing art. Brandy is a recent graduate 2200 of the WE (Western / Eastern) massage program developed by the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and based out of Calgary. Brandy is also a graduate of the 4 year intensive acupuncture and herbal medicine program taught at the same institution. With her background in traditional Chinese Medicine, Brandy is an ideal compliment to strengthen any acupuncture protocol. Do not be surprised if on occasion, you are asked permission to take a diagnosis from the appearance of your tongue and from the feel of your pulse.

    Depending on the individual needs of each client, a typical treatment can include general relaxation massage as well as incorporate techniques from different modalities such as deep tissue, therapeutic, tui na, thai massage, acupressure, cupping, gua sha, heat and essential oils. Many of these treatments are great for pre- and post-natal clients and children. Brandy is working towards acquiring a predominantly female focused skill set in order to master in an array of women’s issues. Her goal is to eventually specialize in the field of mental and emotional health. With the integrative belief that all components of the human are equally important as well as intricately connected, Brandy is a strong supporter that physical therapy can be used to attain wholeness on all levels.
  • RMT Tina Yeung

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation

    Tina graduated from the Advanced 2200 Hours Massage Therapy Diploma in 2007 at Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. She is highly adept at deep tissue massage, myofascial releases & therapeutic massages. She incorporates relaxation & stress relief ways into her treatments because she believes it's an important part of wellness. She finds it rewarding working with her clients to reach a specific goal or to simply allow them to release tension & increase relaxation.
  • RMT Michelle Durand

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation

    Michelle is a Registered Massage Therapist of 3000 hours in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy at Makami College. She moved to Calgary 5 years ago from Burlington, Ontario and found her love for massage therapy shortly after. Michelle spends her free time staying active, travelling, and spending time with friends, family, and her loveable pets. She enjoys all areas of massage but has a keen interest in performing Trigger Point therapy, Cupping, Deep Tissue/ Therapeutic massage and working to help address and treat areas of pain and discomfort to the best of her abilities.
  • RMT Vickie Majeau

    Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Prenatal and Postnatal Massage | Cupping Massage

    Vickie Majeau was born and raised in Calgary, AB. She has a love for traveling, road trips and outdoor adventures with her daughter. Her passion for helping others developed throughout her life and realized taking Massage Therapy will be a great outlet to help others to heal. She has studied to work towards her Advanced 3000 hours at Makami College in Calgary since 2015. She is proficient in pre-natal, myofascial, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage. She believes that by taking time for yourself, the mind and body can achieve balance.
  • RMT Stef Dearden

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation | Trigger Point Therapy | Kids Massage

    Stef Dearden is a Registered Massage Therapist and a 2200 hour graduate of Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. She is a member with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta and has been practicing since 2010. She moved to Calgary from Muskoka, Ontario in the fall of 2013. She loves performing Prenatal Massage as well as Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. She enjoys sports, fishing, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.
  • RMT Catriona Keenan

    Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Prenatal & Postnatal Massage | Children’s Massage | Myofascial Cupping

    Catriona Keenan is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of Mount Royal University. Catriona has been practicing massage therapy since 2011. Prior to her career in massage therapy Catriona was a Registered Social Worker. She utilizes her social work training and experience to compliment her massage treatments for overall healing and well-being and prides herself on her ability to take an individualized approach with each client. Outside of massage Catriona is passionate about her awesome kids, the great outdoors and chocolate covered pretzels!

  • RMT Kim Beckett

    Reiki Practioner | Reiki Master/Teacher | Trager® Practioner | Craniosacral Therapy | Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage (medium to light pressure)

    Kim has been a Registered Massage Therapist for the past 25 years and throughout that time she has taken training's in other modalities. She has been a Reiki Practioner (21 years), Reiki Master/Teacher (18 years), Trager® Practioner (21 years), and have completed several levels of Craniosacral Therapy work. Kim has focused on Shamanic work for the past 5 years and prior to that, several other modalities of energy healing. Best of all, she loves to teach Reiki as she finds it very helpful for anyone who desires to assist themselves with a tool for wellness and healing all aspects of life.

    For more information on Trager® you can watch these video's:


  • RMT Kimberly MacMillan

    Kim is an RMT and a graduate of the 3000 hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma at MaKami College in Calgary. She has been practicing since 2018 and excels at medium therapeutic techniques and deep tissue, trigger point release, myofascial release, cupping, prenatal and Swedish relaxation. She is very passionate about catering each session to her clients needs, relieving as much tension as possible and working with them to reach the best results.

  • RMT Elaine Chan

    Deep Tissue | Therapeutic | Relaxation | Pre & Postnatal Massage | Hot Stone Massage | Cupping

    Elaine graduated from Makami College with 3000-hour Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy. She is educated in a variety of massage techniques including Orthopaedic Assessment, Myofascial Release, Swedish Relaxation, Cupping, Hotstone, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Frictional and Migraine Therapy, TMJ Therapy, Pre & Postnatal, and treatment of soft tissue injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents and athletic injuries.
    In her spare time, Elaine dedicates time for her family, gardening, and enjoys travelling and keeping up with world news.

    Elaine is currently pursing a Diploma in Foot Reflexology from the Pacific Institute of Reflexology. She has completed courses in Advanced Reflexology, Clinical Reflexology, and Professional Reflexology.
  • RMT Leah Haveman

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation

    Leah Haveman has been a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating in 2004 from an extensive three-year massage therapy program at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario. Leah’s technique is informed by over 12 years of experience working in high end spas and in clinical settings with a diverse clientele base. She has a keen interest in the interconnectivity of the human body and strives to continue to improve her knowledge of massage therapy and its complementary modalities with focus on anatomy, women's health and infant massage. She works thoughtfully and thoroughly to ensure that each client receives a treatment specific to their needs and to help each client achieve better functionality in their daily lives.
  • Dr. Jiyun Park

    Acupuncture |Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

    Jiyun is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Registered Acupuncturist. She completed a four-year program at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Jiyun was raised in a TCM family; she is at the 5th generation of the family practice. Even though all of her grandfathers are passed away, the TCM tradition for her is so natural and she strongly believes that the holistic approach is the true key for being healthy without any side effects. Her clients describe her treatments as supportive, and effective. Jiyun is happy to be able to share the knowledge from her experiences and help treat, stress related issues, fatigue syndrome, insomnia, emotional disorders, gynecological issues such as fertility, menopause, pre/post-natal treatment, labor preparation, and prolapsed. Also, she is specializing in treating acute and chronic pain relief, sports injury, cold/flu, allergies, digestive disorders, IBS, ADHD, prevention and post treatment for UTI, bel’s palsy, post cancer treatment, and arthritis. Jiyun practices a large range of acupuncture techniques including classic TCM theory, Balance method, Master Tung’s theory, nervous system-based sports acupuncture, Chinese herbal formula, scalp and ear acupuncture. Her techniques also include adjunct therapies such as cupping, tuina, acupressure, guasha, moxibustion and TCM nutrition. With this multitude of techniques and modalities, the treatment can be effective and holistic that is focused on individual patient’s needs.
  • RMT Laura Madge

    Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Prenatal and Postnatal MassageLaura is passionate about the role that massage therapy plays in helping to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

    Her motivation in being a Massage Therapist is to help others. Laura has been a Registered Massage therapist since 2014. She graduated from the 2400-hour West Cost College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster, BC.
    The modalities Laura primarily uses in treatment include Swedish massage, active & passive stretching techniques, trigger point release, range of motion, fascial release techniques and patient education. She primarily does therapeutic massage, incorporating relaxation into every treatment. Her treatments have helped patients decrease tension headaches, muscle tension, stress and symptoms of numerous other conditions. She has experience working with pre-natal and postnatal women. Laura and her husband have recently moved to Calgary from BC. When she is not massaging Laura is often busy cooking, grocery shopping, going for walks or playing with her dog.

    Tuesday 10:45am-8:30pm
    Thursday & Friday 3:45-8:30pm

  • RMT Christina Skiftun

    Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Prenatal & Postnatal Massage | Reflexology | Reiki

    Christina Skimmings has completed her 2200hr massage therapy training program through Mount Royal College in 2003. She has since received her certification in reflexology, reiki 1, and is a certified and active yoga teacher. Before joining the team at Mama Massage she worked at a chiropractic clinic as their in house massage therapist. She is currently also a yoga teacher. The combination of massage therapy and yoga is one that is very complimentary. Mixing her knowledge of both allows her to understand the clients' perhaps very specific concerns or goals for their treatment. When she isn't wearing her massage therapist hat or teaching yoga, you would find her raising her three young children, enjoying a trail run, or learning new ideas, techniques or offerings in both the massage therapy and yoga worlds.
  • RMT Jenna Pittman

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation

    Jenna is a Registered Massage therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She is a graduate from the Professional Institute of massage therapy and has been practicing since 2009. Her treatment includes a variety of techniques to ensure either an effective relaxation, or deep tissue therapeutic massage. She has six and a half years of experience providing Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, therapeutic, prenatal/postnatal, and motor vehicle accident injury support. Jenna believes in providing massage to help with muscle recovery and overall stress reduction to achieve your optimal health. Jenna with help you to reach your health goals through massage therapy and help alleviate any pain or stress you may have in your daily life. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, hiking, yoga and reading or cooking.

  • RMT Briane Hillaby

    Therapeutic | Deep Tissue | Prenatal | Postnatal | Relaxation | Hot Stone Massage | Infant Massage | Private Infant Massage Classes | Kids Massage | Reflexology Massage

    Briane was born and raised in Calgary, AB., and is interested in hiking, camping, photography, running and yoga. She started studying Massage Therapy at Mount Royal University in 2012 and began treating clients in June 2014, completing her Diploma in June 2015. Briane has a passion for helping individuals and enjoys learning about how the body functions and how to improve it. Briane applies medium to deep therapeutic techniques to help revitalize the body. She is excellent at pre-natal massages, relaxation massages, Jade hot and cold stone massages, and incorporating reflexology practice with a full body massage.

    **Briane is on Maternity Leave. Will be back Summer 2020**
  • Craig Swarbrick


    Craig Swarbrick is the Founder and Owner of Mama Massage. He spends most of his free time coaching his 2 children in both Hockey (Trails West) and Baseball (Calgary West Little League). Craig and his wife Jody came up with the idea for Mama Massage after he retired from a 10-year career in Law Enforcement to become a stay-at-home Dad. During his 5 years of raising their kids full-time, they saw a need for this kind of service that makes massage therapy available to everyone.
  • Ashley Pederson

    Client Services Manager | Child Minding Specialist

    Ashley is the Client Services Manager and one of our Child Minding Specialists at Mama Massage. She has more than fifteen years experience in child care through various capacities including her role as a Teacher's Aide in England, executing summer programs for disadvantaged children, and co-teaching in multi-age daycare environments. Her experiences working with children led her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Developmental Psychology. She is also certified as a Child Development Worker and has obtained her Emergency and Child Care First Aid and CPR-C. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Counselling Psychology and loves to travel in her spare time. Ashley is looking forward to meeting you and your little ones!
  • Madeline Maes

    Child Minding Specialist | Client Services

    Madeline has been working directly with children for the past 7 years, specializing in infants up to 3 years. She has her Child Development Certification, CPR, and completed workshops through Little Warriors Canada. Madeline is currently studying in the Midwifery Program at MRU and has completed her DONA Doula Certification. She also enjoys working with children through yoga with the use of her Yoga Therapy Certification.
  • Cassidy Froehlich

    Bio coming soon